Press Start Leadership Podcast

Unlocking the Secrets of Successful Onboarding: Lessons from Play On Word Studios

July 17, 2023 Press Start Leadership Season 1 Episode 103
Press Start Leadership Podcast
Unlocking the Secrets of Successful Onboarding: Lessons from Play On Word Studios
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This week's Press Start Leadership Podcast promises to be a game-changer as we unpack the secret sauce behind a successful onboarding process – taking inspiration from the playbook of the indie game development sensation, Play On Word Studios. Let's take a deep dive into the immersive, educational, and engaging onboarding system that has helped this indie studio rise to the top, beyond routine office tours and paperwork. 

We’ll begin by exploring how this rising star establishes lasting first impressions, creates a tailored onboarding experience, and sets clear job expectations. Following that, we'll dissect their supportive environment mantra and strategies for fostering relationships and promoting collaboration. If you've ever wondered how to seamlessly integrate new hires into your team while fostering a unique company culture, this episode is for you. Be prepared to learn a thing or two from Play On Word Studios’ onboarding strategies, which might just be the game tutorial your team has been missing.

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Speaker 1:

Hey there, press starters and welcome to the press start leadership podcast, the podcast about game changing leadership, teaching you how to get the most out of your product and development team and become the leader you were meant to be leadership coaching and training for the international game industry professional. Now let me introduce you to your host, the man, the myth, the legend, christopher Mifsud.

Speaker 2:

Hey there, press starters and welcome back to another awesome edition of the press start leadership podcast on this week's episode of Role B, discussing laying the foundation blocks, the pivotal role of onboarding and cultivating culture, the journey to high scores, creating an engaging, inclusive and effective onboarding experience. Navigating through a new video game without a tutorial can be just as frustrating as trying to find a needle in a haystack. A game without directions sleeves players feeling lost and unsure. Similarly, starting a new job without an effective onboarding process can be daunting and unsettling for new hires. Just as gamers need tutorials to help them navigate through new games, new hires, especially at a fledgling indie game studio, need an effective onboarding process to find their way around their new roles and the organization. In this podcast, we'll be delving deep into the crucial role onboarding plays in cultivating and maintaining a strong and unique company culture, using the experience of a rising indie game development star, play on word studios as our guiding star. Part one making a lasting first impression. The way First impressions are lasting impressions. This is especially true for your company's onboarding process, and play on word studios, despite being a young indie game studio, recognize this. The onboarding process is their golden opportunity to set a strong, positive first impression that can shape a new hires perception and relationship with the company's culture and values. To make this first experience a memorable one, play on word studios employs an immersive, educational and highly engaging onboarding process. The unique onboarding approach at play on word studios includes a comprehensive orientation and is far from a routine office tour or a mundane paperwork session. New hires are introduced to ongoing projects, given insights into past successes and the occasional not so successful ventures, and taken through an interactive and fun filled orientation session. This orientation is designed to keep new hires engaged, break the ice and help them understand and align with the company's unique indie culture right from the start. Part two the experience tailored onboarding. At play on word studios. Onboarding is much more than just a one off process. It is an ongoing experience designed to help new hires feel valued, welcomed and prepared for their roles. As a fledgling indie game studio, they understand the importance of crafting an onboarding experience that can successfully integrate new hires into their unique company culture. One of the ways play on word studios achieves this is through a meticulously crafted welcome pack. This pack given to every new hire, contains an overview of their role, their team structure, ongoing projects and the performance metrics they'll be evaluated on. This kit also introduces the new hires to the studio's core values, policies and the various communication channels they will be using, helping them embrace the indie spirit and culture of play on word studios. But the onboarding process doesn't stop there. Each new hire is greeted with a personalized welcome message from their team leader. They also have a series of introductory meetings scheduled with team members, ensuring that the new hire feels a part of the team from day one. Part three clear expectations and a supportive environment move up mantra. With the competitive and rapidly evolving landscape of the indie game industry, clear communication of expectations and continuous support is the key to retaining talent and ensuring their success. Planet Words Studios uses the onboarding process as a platform to communicate clear expectations regarding job responsibilities and performance metrics. This proactive approach eliminates any ambiguity, helps new hires understand their roles better and sets the stage for their success. Planet Words Studios also understands the importance of providing a supportive work environment, especially to new hires. To this end, each new hire is assigned a buddy, a go-to person for any questions, concerns or support they may need. This buddy system helps new hires feel supported and valued, further reinforcing the studio's culture of collaborative and teamwork. Part 4. Foster relationships and promoting collaboration. The strategy. Onboarding at Planet Words Studios is not a process that ends in the first week or even the first month. It extends over the first three months and includes regular check-ins and feedback sessions. This approach ensures the new hires have a continuous support they need as they navigate the new roles in the company culture. The fosterer, collaborative and inclusive culture. Planet Words Studios organizes regular team building activities and casual get-togethers. These events provide an opportunity for new hires to bond with their colleagues in a relaxed and informal setting, further strengthening their sense of belonging and collaboration. Final thoughts In the thrilling and often tumultuous world of game development, the onboarding process plays a critical role in shaping the company culture and the new hires' experience. Planet Words Studios, despite being a new player, offers a shining example of how meticulously planned and executed onboarding process can lay the foundation for new hires, helping them seamlessly integrate into the company culture and equipping them for the exciting journey ahead. After all, a successful indie game studio, much like a captivating video game, is all about crafting an unforgettable user experience, and that journey begins with onboarding. Alright, and that's this week's episode of Press Start Leadership Podcast. Thanks for listening and, as always, thanks for being awesome.