Press Start Leadership Podcast

Level Up Your Gaming Studio: Unlocking the Power of Performance Improvement Plans

June 12, 2023 Season 1 Episode 98
Press Start Leadership Podcast
Level Up Your Gaming Studio: Unlocking the Power of Performance Improvement Plans
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Ever felt like your gaming studio employees are stuck on a Donkey Kong level when they should be conquering Legend of Zelda? Discover the ultimate cheat code to transform your underperformers into high scorers with Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs) in our latest episode! We'll take you on a fun-filled ride through the world of PIPs, from understanding their power to their anatomy, implementation strategies, and debunking common myths.

Join us as we explore how PIPs can level up your team's performance and create an epic experience for both your players and employees. Learn how to avoid pitfalls in your PIP quest and ensure PIPs are used as powerful tools of empowerment, not weapons of mass employment destruction. Don't miss our bonus level on employee engagement and find out how regular team building activities, a healthy work culture, and a well-stocked pantry can boost your gaming studio's success. It's game time!

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Music by: Joey the Mad Scientist

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Joey The Mad Scientist:

Hey there, press starters and welcome to the press start leadership podcast, the podcast about game changing leadership, teaching you how to get the most out of your product and development team and become the leader you were meant to be leadership coaching and training for the international game industry professional. Now let me introduce you to your host, the man, the myth, the legend, Christopher Mifsud Hey there.

Christopher Mifsud:

Press starters. Welcome back to another awesome edition of the press start leadership podcast. On this week's episode, we'll be discussing boost your team's XP, unleashing the power of performance improvement plans in the gaming industry. Transform your gaming studios underachievers into high scores with the ultimate cheat code Pips. It's one of your employees playing a Donkey Kong level when you desperately need them to be at a Legend of Zelda level. Maybe they're trying to clear the hurdles with a Game Boy, when what they need is a PlayStation five. In the pixelated landscape of the video game industry, this can spell game over for your project success. But don't hit the reset button just yet. Performance improvement plans, also known as Pips, might just be the power star your team needs Now. If you're imagining Pips as a band of angry fireball throwing Bowser clones, let me hit you with a blue shell of reality. They're not the villain of the story. They're more like your trusty Yoshi, ready to help you navigate the challenging terrain of employee development. So ready to level up. Let's take a fun filled ride through the world of performance improvement plans in the gaming industry. Level one understanding the pip power up. A performance improvement plan, or pip, is not a contraption from Fallout. It's a personalized roadmap designed to help struggling employees boost their skills and hit those high scores. Picture it as a cheat code that helps them conquer their professional shortcomings and emerge as a champion. But remember, like all cheat codes, pips need to be used judiciously. They're tools of empowerment, not weapons of mass employment destruction. Level two the anatomy of a pip power up. So what does this power up look like? A pip typically includes one the boss level A clear definition of the issues affecting performance. Remember the feeling when you couldn't defeat the final boss? That's probably how your employee feels about their performance issues. Two, the tutorial a set of achievable goals and a clear pathway to reach them. It's like that tutorial level in every game guiding, not dictating. Three, the checkpoint Regularly scheduled check ins to measure progress. You wouldn't expect a game to reach the end without checkpoints, would you? And four the power boost Training and resources to help achieve the goals. You wouldn't send Mario the fight Bowser without a fire flower right. Level three unleashing the pip power up. Now that you have your pip, how do you unleash it? Here's a handy cheat sheet. First, press start. Begin with a candid conversation. Let them know it isn't a Dark Souls level of difficulty but a challenge they can overcome. Next, choose your character, make the plan together. This is in the single player game, it's co-op mode. Then equip your gear, provide them with the necessary resources just like how Link needs the Master Sword, your employee needs their tools And finally, save your game. Document everything. You don't want to lose all that progress. Do you? Level? four pitfalls to avoid in your pip quest. Just like every game, implementing a pip comes with potential pitfalls. Here are a few to avoid. The pip of doom Don't use a pip as a precursor to termination. It's a growth tool, not a Mortal Kombat. Fatality The solo run Don't leave your employee to struggle alone. This is a doom. It's overwatch. Teamwork is key. The endless grind Remember to celebrate small victories. Endless grinds can make any game or job dull. Level five the pip power up A win-win game. When done right, a pip is a win-win situation. The employee gets to power up their performance and the company levels up its productivity. No one loses a life and we all get to move on to the next level. So if you've been viewing Pips as a last resort Final Fantasy, summon Spell it's time to change your perspective. They're more like a Zelda heart container, a crucial tool to replenish and enhance your team's capabilities. The boss fight Debunking pip myths. Like any video game, lore Pips also comes surrounded by myths, so let's conquer some of them. Myth number one the pip is the final boss. Not at all. Think of it as a supportive NPC guiding the employee towards victory. Myth number two pip is a one-size-fits-all magic spell. No, it's a custom built arsenal designed to suit each employee's unique needs. Myth three Pips are as complicated as Eve online. With the right approach, that can be as straightforward as Super Mario Brothers. Bonus level employee engagement. Remember, an engaged employee is a high performing employee. So while Pips are a great tool, they're not the whole game. Regular team building activities, a healthy work culture and a well-stocked pantry you can underestimate the power of snacks are all important too. They're side quests that make the overall game more enjoyable and rewarding. The final level power up your team with Pips. So are you ready to power up your underperforming employees with Pips? Remember, in the game industry, our ultimate goal is to create an epic experience, not just for our players, but for our employees too. With the right strategies and a pip in place, your team can go from Flappy Bird amateurs to the Witcher 3 Pros. It's game time. Alright, and that's this week's episode of Press Start Leadership Podcast. Thanks for listening and, as always, thanks for being awesome.